Monday, September 26, 2011

Pirate Tattoo Pictures: Design Ideas For Men And Women

Pirate tattoos are often closely related to nautical tattoos, since they all deal with images brought into the world from sailors and others who spend their life out at sea. Many think of pirates in a historical sense, but they are just as real today as they ever were in history. As long as valuable goods are transported through the water by ship, there will been pirates patrolling the seas in an effort to board ships and steal valuable possessions.

Just like nautical stars, those wearing pirate tattoos are not necessarily those with direct connections to ships and the sea. They are often people who identify heavily with images of the sea or that type of life. Some are drawn to ideals of the pirate, such as the stereotypical patched eye or hooked hand.

Anything portrayed with a patched eye or surrounded by skeletons is often thought of as a pirate tattoo. Many of the tattoos created today do not feature realistic looking pirates. They may feature pin-up style girls in skimpy dresses with a patched eye and wild hair or they may feature skeleton heads with the big black hat and eye patch. Elements of the tattoo reflect the pirate image, though an actual pirate is not portrayed directly.

Pirate Tattoo Pictures:
Pirate tattoos also prominently feature ships and rolling water waves. Treasure chests and gold coins are popular with some artists as well. Most tattoos have a dark nature or vibe, but it is also common to find these tattoos adorned with red roses for women. The designs vary depending on the vision of the artist or the intended meaning of the person wearing the tattoo.
Many people who go in for pirate tattoos are just drawn to the image and stereotypes surrounding the pirate life. Most are not thinking of it in terms of real pirates that still hunt the seas for ships carrying valuable goods.
Retro style artwork featuring pin-up girl in lingerie, heels and a hat while brandishing a sword.
Picture of excellent design portraying a large ship at see with skull sails, and a large eerie skull looking down from the clouds.
Picture of sensationally colorful depiction of a pirate setting, including skeleton on a sandy beach with treasure chest, plus a large ship at sea with a skull and crossbones in the sky.
Skeleton wearing bandanna while manning the ship with a "Do or Die" slogan underneath.
Picture of cute colorful cartoon like pirate girl with gun, sword and traditional hat. Topped off with a ghostly background effect.

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