Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Egyptian Tattoo Pictures: Design Ideas And Popular Symbols

There are so many different Egyptian tattoos in existence today that it would be rather difficult to create a collection of them all. What brings all of these tattoos together is the incorporation of basic themes, people and ideas that represent ancient and modern Egyptian culture. Some of the more common design features incorporated in Egyptian tattoos include:
  • Ankh (cross symbolizing Ancient Egypt)
  • Egyptian Goddesses (each with their own symbolic and mythological meanings)
  • Scarab beetle
  • Tombs
  • Mummies
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Mau (cats)
  • Eye of Horus
There are some very unique designs that can be incorporated into Egyptian tattoos as well. For example, the idea of creatures that are half human and half animal are very popular in the tattoo culture. These tattoo designs have their roots embedded in ancient Egypt.

What is unique about Egyptian tattoo artwork is the culture that they are inspired by. Ancient Egyptians mostly tattooed women. Some of the first tattoos known to man are now being discovered on the bodies of mummies found in Egyptian tombs. These tattoos were often created with dots or slashes in order to create very basic pictures or hieroglyphic words.

Egyptian Tattoo Pictures:
Commonly used for fertility purposes, these tattoos were found more often on women than men.
Today, Egyptian tattoos are common with men as well as women. They are often used for the meaning of hieroglyphic designs, but many get them simply because they like the look of these ancient designs.
Some are simply black and gray while others can be very colorful with elements of gold. Most of the designs are very pleasant and peaceful in appearance, however, there are others that are specifically tailored to be disturbing in nature. Some are even quite romantic, such as those designed after the Egyptian Goddess of Love.
Egyptian tattoos can have a wide variety of meanings. Some may be sentimental, other are based on ancient traditions and beliefs, but most are used for their symbolic meanings or simply for their attractive appearances.
Picture of a wonderfully designed tattoo that combines the Eye of Horus with an Ankh. Plus a tribal inspired pair of wings.
Picture of a Egyptian warrior bird armed for battle and located on the right shoulder and tricep area of a man.
Picture of extensive artwork on the back of a man. A compilation of numerous designs including a large Pharaoh centerpiece.
Picture of an excellent tattoo on the lower back of a woman. A classic Egyptian symbol of a women with extended wings and head wear.
This cute masterpiece is a bit of novelty featuring a mummy-cat with skull, ankh and other elements of the culture.

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