Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Guy Tattoos

Family Guy has completely taken the world by storm, and with nearly of decade of episodes under their belt, the fun loving and often crude characters that make up this program are poised for another 10 years of highly original reference style comedy.

Family Guy has garnered a cult like following of obsessed fans, some of which have ventured into the world of tattoo artwork and now don their favorite characters wherever the go. See some cool Family Guy tattoos below.
Excellent cartoon artwork on lower leg.
Glenn Quagmire pirate and skull cross bones.
Stewie Griffin and Evil Monkey ideas.
Stewie Griffin pointing artwork.

Tweety Bird Tattoos

When i think of classic adorable cartoon characters, the first thing that comes to mind is that feisty little yellow canary, known as Tweety Bird.

Tweety is another one of those lovable animated Looney Tunes characters, which stole the hearts of millions, often paired with Sylvester the cat, the duo became comic and entertainment gold.

Feast your precious eyes on these adorable Tweety Bird tattoos below.

Black and grey ink with innocent angel halo.
Small artwork on back right shoulder.
Tiny design on arm with initials.
Cupid inspired tattoo idea with bow and arrows.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cartoon Turtle Tattoos

Here we have nice picture gallery of some extra beautiful turtle tattoos with a cartoon inspired twist to the artwork.

Turtles are often associated with being very sluggish and slothful, however these creatures and the subsequent tattoos represent longevity and wisdom, which is certainly something we can all strive for.

Cartoon idea with sleepy eye and flower hat.
Tremendous artwork on right foot.
Cute art on lower leg.
Bubble boy idea.
Family with flowers and sunbeams.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cartoon Owl Tattoos

Cartoon owl tattoos are often portrayed with exaggerated features, such as their already proportionate eyes, plus they are also often seen with extra colorful coats.

Enjoy these beautiful and dare i say cute, owl cartoon tattoo ideas for guys and girls alike.

Googly eyes on small branch.
Very round and pudgy idea on back.
Bright with stars in eyes.
Dark themed idea with skull.
Sensationally nice artwork with large key in grasp.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among both men and women alike, and some of the most common tattoo designs we've seen are flowers, hearts, birds and stars among other cosmic artwork.

This photo gallery displays some exceptionally nice chest tattoos which might help you decide on a style for your own personal design. Enjoy the pics.

Birds and snake.
Cross and birds.
Dragon flower and flames design.
Queen of pain artwork.
Love and hate with eagle.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Butt Tattoos

With so many areas of the human body to get a tattoo, there isn't exactly a shortage of good locations, however many people are choosing their butt as a prime piece of real estate for a tattoo design.

Naturally we think girls would be the gender interested in getting a butt tattoo, perhaps for the sex appeal it draws, however we've seen a startling amount of men who are also venturing into the realm of rear end artwork.
Face on cheek tattoo.
Mathcing swallow birds.
Cartoon seven dwarfs hard at work.
Girl with spank me daddy.
Pacman arcade fun.
Baby cupid.
Dog paw print on left cheek.

Mizuz inkaholik sits 30 hours in 2 weeks....


This time it was set for us to cover up a mistake my wife had when she was younger of a dragon wrapping around her leg.This tattoo has a eyesore in all of my work as her photographer,so it was time to take the plunge.We have first thought we would do a big crazy snake since a snakes body flows like this existing dragon does...

So after months of putting it off we decided it is time to lay the ol'master dragon to rest at the bottom of the sea....

We went to the studio and i had changed my mind to do an octopus.That morning I awoke and on the tv the show called Octopussy was on with 007 and directly under that was The hunt for the Giant Octopus!

Being the follower of the signs and wonders of this world I thought This was a sign that today ws the day.

I searched around for images and found a few references of pics of real octopus drawings and still life.


I ran across this morphology of an octopus and it caught my eye on how its laying out the whole body and all I had to do was draw what i saw. Which is perfect because the laser treatment only lightened up the dragon enough to cover it,so there are parts still showing which I will get rid of with texture in my shading.

So got out my sharpies and just started to lay in the shapes and all to flow with her body as big pieces like this are meant to enhance curves and define the body in its creative flowing gestures.

The drawing took us around 3 hours to do and it was done in 3 layers.The orange then brown and finally the black.

This is only sharpie drawing as of now.

We sat for 5 more hours to outline and start on the shading. She is now healing enough for us to get back on it soon!

Im so excited to be able to spend this much time working on the love of my life and its going to be some of my finest works to date as i am steadily pushing myself to be better and better...

Feel free to view some of our work on our network pages at facebook.,

Add Jorge a gwooki now tattooing at Texas Body Art

GWAR has being one of the first influences I got to become an artist, I was about 13 years old the first time I discover this band trough a RIP magazine from 1994 I think, it has a white cover with Henry Rollins and Maynard James Keenan from Tool on the cover. (I am currently looking for this magazine I really want a copy of it)

Years later I had the chance to experience a GWAR live show, Very hard to describe, there is nothing like GWAR, I lost my self in front of them between screams, laughs, sword fights, spikes, Gore, Michael Jackson, Arnold Swartzeneger, the new Pope and gallons of Blood, If you have the chance to go to a GWAR show please take it, is one of the best live show have I ever seen, not just because the music but the performance too.

June 7 2010 Backstage White Rabbit in ....San Antonio.. ..Texas..... It was an honor for me to tattoo Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus lead singer from GWAR. I had the chance to do a short first tattoo session on his arm between phone calls, interviews and sound check, he is a very busy man, I did my rendition of the 25th GWAR anniversary logo and I didn’t have much time to work on him as I would like to or time enough to take a good picture of the tattoo but I spent time enough to know how passionate, talented, good person and true artist Dave Brockie is... Thanx

I can't wait for the second session.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ant Tattoos

You name the design and by golly you better believe that somebody has gotten it tattooed on their body, even those little six legged social insects known as ants.

And despite there small size, ant tattoos aren't always portrayed as small creatures, in fact we've seen plenty of giant designs requested by admirers of the tiny creepy crawlies. However small groups of ant tattoos are also very common.

Eating strawberry on top of foot idea.
Group of twelve circling the eye on face.
Single giant art piece closeup.
Solid black ink on right ankle.
Black and purple on back left shoulder.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gorilla Tattoos

The gorilla is an amazingly beautiful creature which is sometimes labeled as the gentle giant, however these big furry goblins are known to have a mean streak as well.

Gorilla tattoos are said to represent both strength and intelligence, while showcasing the animal inside all of us. And as can see from the tattoo pictures below, popular locations for these designs include the arm, the upper shoulder and forearm area.

Full gorilla body art on all fours.
Interesting design with sharp teeth.
Excellent face tattoo idea.
Great 3D quality artwork.
Side view of beautiful creature.
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