Thursday, November 12, 2009

We are proud to welcome Madame Chän as our first guest Tattoo Artist. She is precisely the type of artist we want to promote here at AKA: unconventional and multidisciplinary (silkscreen, mixed media, visual art).
AKA loves Chän!

"The world is a sick and depraved place and as we hustle our charms on the sidewalks of life, someone’s got to watch our backs, write down the plates of the car we get in to, and give us the occasional well-deserved slap round the head when the envelope’s a little thin at the end of the day. In a predominantly phallocentric environment, only a woman could properly evaluate how much our hairy money-makers are actually worth. She screens the candidates, evaluates the merchandise and determines the market price. Her callous assessment will determine if you build your career on your knees, gratifying clients in a back alley with 3-for-the-price-of-2 deals, or in the spotlight, gyrating round a pole, satisfied customers slipping bills in your string. She’ll make you or break you, and you’ll love her or hate her; but don’t be fooled by the Betty Page facade, cause she’s all Weimar-at-heart: a woman who loves men, who could have been a man who loves men, singing lewd songs at the Kit Kat Klub, or pumping stencils through the threads of a mesh with the help of a squeegee, onto paper, textile or flesh.

We call her Madame Chän."

Fred Aerden.

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