Monday, September 5, 2011

Cherub Tattoo Meanings

The images typically used for cherub tattoos today differ dramatically from the Biblical reference of cherubim. In the Bible, the cherubim were powerful angels in charge of guarding heaven and protecting God. They were described as having four different faces so they could handle different jobs. They probably would have looked like full grown men with powerful wings and fierce faces.

Today, cherubim are mostly thought of as pudgy naked babies with adorable round faces and small fluttering wings. While the image of the cherub has changed over the years, the idea of them being a force of protection still runs strong. Many cherub tattoos are designed in remembrance of children that have been lost. It is common to see sweet-faced cherubs with beautiful wings protecting the dates of birth and death of these children, as if the cherub is now in charge of watching over them.

Cherub tattoos are also designed to protect living children. Some parents will have a cherub designed with the face of their own children.

Cherub Tattoo Pictures Below:

Other cherub tattoo designs have nothing to do with children at all. The cherub can be portrayed as mischievous or sweet. Sometimes an element of darkness will be worked into the image so the cherub appears out for vengeance. On some rare occasions you may see cherub tattoos that depict one of those four different faces given to cherubim in Biblical reference: lion, ox, eagle, or man.

The most popular cherub of all time has to be Cupid. He floats around in February, shooting his arrows to match up lovers. He is often depicted in cherub tattoos with bright red hearts and the names of loved ones.

Cherub tattoos are sometimes presented as portraits with lifelike faces and bodies. They can also be presented as mythical creatures as parts of a fantasy world. Cherubs can be designed in black and white or color, depending on the presentation desired.

Cute picture of bicep and forearm design.

Photo of superb tattoo with wings on back.

Picture of adorable kissing on back of calf.

Image of darling baby in clouds on shoulder.

Playing guitar with rose flowers on lower back.

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