Friday, September 9, 2011

Dragon Tattoo Photos

Dragons have been presented differently in literature and can also be represented in different ways in artistic tattoos. What all dragons have in common is the body of a large reptile with scales and fire shooting from the mouth. This is the basic representation of the dragon, though dragon tattoos and references of dragons in literature will report different physical features and mannerisms building off of this basic representation.

Dragons have never been proven to actually exist in real life, though many believe their representation was formed from early day sightings of dinosaurs. Since dinosaurs have been extinct for many centuries, this dates the idea of dragons far into the past. This could explain why some dragons are featured with wings, since some dinosaur species were believed to have wings.

Today, dragons are often thought of as fantastical creatures with a variety of special powers. Some are portrayed as good and loving, such as the "Dragon Tales" cartoon many children love today. Others are portrayed as vengeful and angry with fire spitting from their mouths and large claws ready to draw blood.

Dragon Tattoo Pictures:
No two dragon tattoos are ever the same. This creature is designed differently depending on the vision of the artist or the message desired by the client. You will find sinister, evil looking dragons in black and white as well as bright, colorful dragons that almost seem to be smiling back at the world.
Oftentimes, dragon tattoos stand alone with no other images or decorative features around them. It is the figure of the dragon that is on display. At other times the dragon will be surrounded with the glow of fire or a halo of faded black. The happier portrayals of dragons may be accompanied by flowers, which give the dragon a more feminine touch.
Millions of people around the world have dragon tattoos, but the most famous of all has to be the black dragon gracing the arm of hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.
Dragon tattoos are often large in size, which is why the back is an ideal and often the most popular location for this type of body art, as demonstrated in many of these pictures. Although, smaller designs on other areas of the body are not uncommon.
Bright and colorful Asian style dragon tattoo covering entire back of male subject. Featured are prominent claws, small lily flowers and a crystal ball.
Picture of young woman with a black and red piece of artwork inked on her right shoulder area, streaming around to the top of her back.
In this picture we see a marvelously designed masterpiece, once again located on the back. Purple, red and green are the main colors used here.

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