Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nautical Tattoo Pictures: Popular Style Tips And Ideas

The most popular image used for nautical tattoos is the nautical star. This is a star with five points that features very distinct shading. The star is often represented in black and white ink, though some will give it a personal touch by using a color in place of the usual black shading inside the star. It is the unique shading and play with color that gives the nautical star tattoo its recognizable appeal.

The nautical star is traditionally a sign of membership with the U.S. Marine Corp or Navy. Yet, most people who get nautical star tattoos are not affiliated with the military at all. They may be people who make a living at sea or who have ties with others who spend a lot of time out at sea. Or, they can just be people who are instinctively drawn to the appearance of the star.

Other images commonly used for nautical tattoos include anchors, pirates, ships and character images of sailors. Most of these images are brought to life with a creative edge, rather than being portrayed in a realistic manner. For instance, there are sailor pin-up girls and anchors featuring bright red hearts where the hook would traditionally be pictured.

Nautical Tattoo Pictures:
Nautical tattoos are often presented in color, though some sentimental images can take on a more realistic appearance with only black ink. It is also popular for these tattoos to be mostly in black with one bright splash of color to draw attention to a particular feature of the tattoo.
Skeletons are not always associated with nautical themes, but they can be turned into nautical tattoos when presented with nautical details. For instance, one popular tattoo features a pirate-like skeleton head with a black patch over one eye and a larger black sailor hat.
While nautical tattoos reflect life on the sea, they aren't limited to those with a strong connection to the water. They are just as likely to be used for appearances sake.
Picture of fabulously designed back piece tattoo consisting of a large anchor with pink bow and red heart. The anchor acts as a picture frame to the ship.
Excellent colored displayed in this closeup picture of a sailor skull with stars and a colorful anchor with a spiderweb background.
Picture of black star splashing into water. Located on the left side of torso.
Betty Boop-esque pin-up girl wearing sailor uniform while sitting barefoot on an anchor, with a tattoo of her own.

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