Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fantasy Tattoo Pictures: Popular Design Style Ideas

Fantasy worlds are big business today. There are elaborate video and computer games created around fantasy worlds and some of the most popular movies now involve complex worlds created out of pure imagination. It only seems natural that fantasy tattoos would be massively popular as well.

The only limit on this type of tattoo is the creative mind of the artist. Some fantasy tattoos are created with images representative of the environments found in video games or movies, but many others are created purely from the imagination of the individual artist. Many of the designs found in these tattoos hold sentimental meaning for the recipient of the artwork.

Fantasy tattoos can be purely custom drawn by tattoo artists and offered to clients, but they are often brought in with the client and handed over to the tattoo artist. Some may be the unique creations of the client while others are taken from various sources.

Fantasy Tattoo Pictures:
One thing that many fantasy tattoos have in common is the representation of mythical or fantastical creatures. Some of the most popular fantasy designs include: beautiful unicorns, powerful dragons, and cute whimsical fairies. Plus men and women that are half animal and half human are pretty common as well.
Powerful women with special powers and futuristic clothing are also very common in the world of fantasy. The human depicted in many fantasy tattoos look much like the avatars being created through online role playing games. In many cases these fantasy humans are representations of the person wearing the tattoo. They create a different version of themselves which reflects the person they believe they really are inside.
Fantasy tattoos are exciting to look at because they are all so different. If you took twenty different images that fall into the fantasy category, you would get twenty very different worlds with few to no similarities between them. That is what makes fantasy so popular around the world today. Creativity is allowed to run free and wild imaginations are encouraged.
Picture of lady riding white unicorn with beautiful backdrop of lightning and clouds.
Picture of youthful butterfly girl dancing alongside a large flower centerpiece with falling peddles.
Photo of gothic looking artwork of winged woman with long curled black tail, located on lower back.
Picture of enchanting red fairy posing in matching red dress with long flowing medusa-like hair.

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